The 81.2 billion pixel Zhengzhou super panorama, overlooking Zhengzhou New Town from the first tallest building in the Central Plains. This picture was taken at the end of October 2017 in Qianzhou Square (large corn) in Zhengzhou. It overlooks Zhengzhou from the height of 280 meters, the first tallest building in the Central Plains. Zhengdong's landmarks and landmarks such as the Convention and Exhibition Center, Henan Art Center, CBD Central Park is just around the corner and is the best location overlooking Zhengzhou. This picture was taken by the NIKON D810 for more than 4,000 photos, which eventually combined this super-salm of 81.2 billion pixels.

Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province. It is one of the eight ancient capitals of China. It has been a traffic fortress since ancient times. It is known as “the middle of the Kyushu, the ten provinces are wanted” and is now an important transportation hub in northern and southern China. Zhengzhou has many important cultural and historical sites, such as the Erqi Memorial Tower, the statue of Emperor Yan and Huang Emperor, Dengfeng Guanxingtai, Shaolin Temple, etc. The other two ancient capitals, Kaifeng and Luoyang, can be reached within an hour's drive. It is a tourist in Henan. The only place to go. The long history and the smooth integration of modern skyscrapers are also the most representative cities that have a deep understanding of China's history, present and future.