This super panorama of Shijiazhuang was completed in two shots, spanning from late autumn to winter. The first shot was on November 30th, 2017. The weather was very good. Due to the missed high-speed trains, it was already late when I arrived at the Shijiazhuang TV Tower in Century Park. I missed some pictures during the busy time and made a second shot. The missing picture is already in the winter, Shijiazhuang has started heating, the leaves have turned yellow, very regrettable. The time span of nearly two months of stitching together, the final synthesis of the 797 billion pixel Shijiazhuang 360 ° super panorama.

It is bordered by Beijing and Tianjin to the north, Bohai to the east, Taihang Mountain to the west, and the typical northern city. It is one of China's largest pharmaceutical industrial bases and an important textile base. It is also home to many important cultural relics, such as China's oldest stone arch bridge. State Bridge, and one of China's three suspended temples, Cangyan Mountain Hanging Temple