China's Chang'e III lunar probe from December 14, 2013 landing on the surface of the moon depends on the creation of the world's longest work in the moon, during the work were from the lunar probe and the rabbit rabbit on the moon car shot a lot of high-definition Photos, recently the Chinese Academy of Sciences National Astronomical Observatory website published these photos, so that the world saw a real moon, but also to the world scientists to study the moon to provide first-hand data.

The moon's 360-degree panoramic view is made up of 56 lunar surfaces, and the panorama of the rabbit's rabbit is shot on January 13, 2014. After splicing, the panorama is about 150 million pixels. The lunar surface is large and small Small rock, the details of the impact of the pit show endless, not far from the Chang'e moon probe on the five-star red flag, jade rabbit lunar car rutting traces clearly visible, is the human after 40 years to get the most clear moon surface photos.