82.8 billion pixels, the clearest panoramic photo in Harbin's history, overlooking the city of ice and snow at minus 30 degrees. I always wanted to take a panoramic view of Harbin covered by snow in a very cold time. It happened that on our way to Harbin by train, the northeast had already snowed. The film was shot on Harbin Dragon Tower on January 9, 2018. Before the shooting of the tower, there were still sporadic snowflakes. We shot more than 3,000 photos with a temperature of nearly 30 degrees, and finally synthesized this pair of 82.8 billion pixels of super panoramic photos. 360 degrees shows you the legendary Eastern Moscow. Harbin, the snow and ice city under the cold.

Harbin is a very distinctive city. There are many Western-style buildings in the city center that were built by Russians and other Europeans in Gothic, Baroque and Byzantine architecture. They are called "Oriental Moscow" or "Oriental Paris", winter. Harbin's tourist season is very rich, such as skiing, ice skating, watching ice lamps and ice sculptures. The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival has become one of the four ice and snow festivals in the world. It is worthwhile to experience the cold.