The largest photo in Guiyang's history, 77.8 billion pixels 360° overlooking the mountain city of Guiyang. The film was filmed at the top of Guiyang Dongshan TV Tower at the end of October 2017. The Guiyang Dongshan TV Tower is located in the Xianheshan Forest Park in Shiyunyan District, Guiyang. It is an excellent place to overlook Guiyang and one of the favorite places for photographers. The day before the shooting, just because of the light rain in Guiyang, the weather is more beautiful after the weather. We shot nearly 4,000 photos in a day, and finally synthesized this 360° panorama of Guiyang with a height of 77.8 billion pixels.

Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou Province and one of the most distinctive cities in Southwest China. It is a famous summer capital and low-carbon city in China. This panoramic view is located in the old town of Guiyang. Although it is not the most spectacular city, the rich details of the 360° Guiyang panorama may be the best display of the characteristics of Southwest China.